About US

NMSU Herald was founded 5 years ago by very promising young specialists in the market analysis Philip Green. Philip received his PhD from Stanford business school 10 years ago. He always was curios on foreign exchange. After graduation he decided to stay at the University for 4 more years at the position of research professor.

Green started to make investments since 18 years. He learned everything on how to choose winning stocks and invest his own pocket money. He still prefers to invest in commodities and technologies.
Green always was curious on geopolitical situation. He quickly saw the link between ups and downs at the market and political situation inside or outside the country. He made many predictions on collisions of the market and was always right. Green created his personal winning formula and always uses it.

He came with the formula to his students and tried to teach them, but they were not very interested. So he left the University and founded this company, hoping to teach interested investors.
In New York he found six promising and young specialists as he was. They all were very ambitious and worked with the market analysis for some time. So, they combine their forces and created Copperfield Research.

We choose very different areas at the market, according to the preferences of our specialists. Green also writes monthly reviews on the foreign exchange.
Our clients receive newsletters about changes at the market every day. We also make daily analysis of the market. We can offer winning portfolios to our clients on their demand. If our clients have some doubts about stocks, we are willing to check them.