Common Pressure Washer Damages And Their Control


Some people might consider pressure washer machines expensive, but it has never been known not to be worth the pay. This machine has done a great job in helping to save the time and stress involved in cleaning dirty surfaces by blasting away dirt & stain using highly pressurized water.

However, with the average pressure washer price going as high as over $200, we begin to expect a lot more than efficiency or how fast it can clean our surfaces. We begin to look at its durability how long it can stand the test of time. We then begin to maintain and do everything possible to extend its lifespan. And one of the ways to truly achieve this is by knowing about common damages that occur in pressure washers, so you can fix them when they occur and further extend their lifespan.

Pressure Washer Damages

  • Overheating:This occurs mainly when the pump stays way too long in bypass mode. Bypass mode can be described as a situation where you release the trigger to stop water from spraying from the gun while the machine is still running. In this situation, the water is restricted from either going forward or backward. This causes the water to continue in a circular path at high speed and pressure. Leaving the water to run for more than a minute at a go ultimately results in overheating, which causes considerable damage to the washer machine as the pump is irreversibly damaged. To prevent damage like this from ever occurring, it is vital for you always to switch off your machine when you want to take a break, even if it’s for a short time, to make sure the machine is put off. It is essential to note that an electric pressure washer only overheats due to prolonged usage and high temperature. In contrast, gas pressure washers experience overheating by bypassing mode.
  • Cavitation:Cavitation can be described as a situation in which the pump pumps water in bubbles. The action of bubbles in the pressure washer is hazardous for the machine and can cause great damage. Cavitation can be caused by many factors, including restriction of water flow into the pump by a dirty filter that blocks the water inlet or the hose is too short or a lightweight hose that sometimes shuts down the water supply. It also occurs when the GPM of the water flowing to the pump is smaller than the actual amount needed by the machine. This damage can be avoided by constantly checking the GPM of water required by the washer and always meeting the requirements. Also, ensure that you employ a heavy hose to avoid shutting down the water supply.
  • Regulation Of Valve:To avoid major damage to your washer machine, you must always regulate your valve to the correct settings as it is indicated in the machine manual.


One of the major features that make every user enjoy their product is durability. Therefore, it is critical to understand that you also have to maintain the machine to enjoy this feature. You have to constantly clean, test, store, and check for indications of damages to see if they can be controlled or fixed.


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