All You Need to Know About Magnetic Pogo Pin Connector


A magnetic pogo pin connector is a simple pogo pin connector, but it has a magnet attached. Pins with pin numbers 2,3,4,5,6, and 7 are attached with the magnet. Typically, the magnetic pogo pin connector works between 1-8 pins, but it can be customized according to the need of the customer.

The best manufacturing companies like QH industry always try to give a one-stop solution to the customer by customizing and designing magnetic pogo pin connectors according to the customer’s demand. If you want to know more about magnetic pogo pins connectors, read the article till the end.

More about Magnetic Pogo Pin Connectors

• Customization

The magnetic pogo pin connector has different pins, sizes, and shapes. You can also get your magnetic pogo pin connector customized according to your requirements. It completely supports customization as per your requirements. You can get a customized magnetic pogo pin connector having up to 200 pins.

• Waterproof

The magnetic pogo pin connector is entirely waterproof. The pins of the magnetic pogo pin connector have IP65 and IP67 ratings, which makes it completely waterproof and dustproof. It provides the highest level of waterproofing and dust protection.

• Usage

The magnetic pogo pin connectors are widely used in different devices like GPS trackers, medical devices, sports bracelets, smart watches, chargers, mobiles, communication devices, beauty electronic equipment, notebook laptops, smart home devices, consumer electronics, and many more devices. It can be used for both signal transfer and current transfer. It mainly depends on your need. If you need it for Bluetooth headsets or Bluetooth car audio, then you use a signal transfer magnetic pogo pin connector.

• Durability

Magnetic pogo pin connectors are highly durable. It works for more than 10,000,00 cycles. The magnet installed on the head of the pogo pin connector also does not lose its magnetic power easily. So magnetic pogo pin connectors are highly durable. The magnetic pogo pin connector’s magnetic force is very high, around 2.2 kgs. So, you don’t have to worry about turning or bending of magnetic head or pins.

• Current

Magnetic pogo pin connectors can handle a high current rate. It’s handling of current ranges from 1 Ampere to 30 Ampere. This range of 1-ampere to 30-ampere current is handled by one pogo pin. It does not get burnt or melt easily with high power voltage. You can customize it for even more high-level usage and current handling.


After the traditional pogo pin connectors, now even every big company is moving towards using magnetic pogo pin connectors because they are more durable, customizable, powerful, and fulfill their needs. Almost every electronic device like mobiles, Bluetooth devices, smart watches, speakers, GPS devices, laptops, and many more all use magnetic pogo pin connectors. The customization feature of magnetic pogo pin connectors makes them unique and fulfills the customization needs of companies and individuals. The life of a one magnetic pogo pin connector is around ten lakh cycles. So instead of getting traditional non-magnetic pogo pin connectors for your devices now, you should always get a magnetic pogo pin connector that is completely customized according to your need.


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